Gwendoline Yeo


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Voice Over

Gwendoline has been in over 50 games, cartoons & animated features.  She credits voice agency Sutton Barth & Vennari for discovering & launching her voice career as well as voice director Jack Fletcher who believed in her as Paine in Final Fantasy X2, her breakout role.  

  • Sword slinging wry feminist PAINE from FINAL FANTASY X2. 
  • CATO PARASSITI shape shifting evil bounty hunter in  STAR WARS CLONE WARS.
  • The reclusive but loyal sharp-shooter DOMINO in Wolverine & the X-MEN.  

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Gwendoline's first animated role playing PAINE  in the top 20 biggest video games of all time FINAL FANTASY X-2 put her on the map in the voice business. She reprized her role as Paine in Disney’s giant hit KINGDOM HEARTS 2 as well as the re-release of FINALFANTASYX2HD where the epic "last mission" was recorded and released for updated platforms.  Gwendoline has her own Paine action figure and an amazing fan sent her a live sized Paine sword.    

Other Gamer favs include Geneticist obsessed FOUR EYES in RESIDENT EVIL OPERATION RACCOON CITY,  Psycho military sex pot YUMA in FARCRY4, Lieutenant FORTY FIVE  the first female lead ever in SOCOM4, SHIALA in MASS EFFECT, Kratos' Mother in GOD OF WAR, LADY DEATHSTRIKE in X-men,  RIKA RAJA in UNCHARTED 2.  And more : ) 


Series lead as mutant sharpshooter DOMINO in Cartoon Network’s WOLVERINE & THE XMEN. For X-men enthusiasts she also voiced Wolverine's lover MARIKO as well as creepster MASTERMOLD.  Her favorite MARVEL project was starring in feature film IRONMAN playing his love interest LEE ANN & favorite horror flick playing love interest DR ISABEL CHO in DEADSPACE 2 written by Brandon Aumen who later cast her in TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES her character debuts in 2016!  

With great rapport with director Dave Finoli on STAR WARS THE CLONES WARS Gwendoline voiced multiple characters including shapeshifter CATO PARASSITI who she had an action figure made.  She played understated but inherently evil Kaminoan NALA SE, the first Asian JEDI - KALIFA, & embraced playing the social pariahs of the star wars world - PEPPI-BOW, lowly gungan with a heart of gold.

Swinging to the lighter side to Disney - she was Series lead as warm but authoritative MOM in SAFETY PATROL.   And did double time on the show, as series lead LULU - rebellious but sweet tween.   Other fun stuff on the lighter side include playing hood rat "HOODIE" in  KIM POSSIBLE,  the SINGING DENTIST in HIGGLYTOWN HEROES,  Psycho cat crazed NYANCY CHAN in BEN 10 & showing her range, played GRAMMA in her early 100s in STITCH!    And More : )