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A unique and diverse portfolio include: A sexy and funny Women's Underwear campaign for HANES both on camera and voice, spots for Honda, McDonalds to singing jingles for AT&T in Mandarin & Cantonese to a plethora of other TV & radio spots. Narrative work include hit audio books Amy Tan's Joyluck Club,  Kitchen Gods Wife & Skinny Bitch Bun In the Oven!

The Joy Luck Club
By Amy Tan

The Joy Luck Club - Audio sample: Google Amazon



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She’s voiced over fifty games/cartoons. At ComicCon2016 character Shinigami in Nickelodean’s Ninja Turtles was launched. She has three action figures: Paine from FinalFantasyX2, Cato Parassiti in Clone Wars & X-Men’s Domino. She's been nominated for 3 BTVA awards - Best Actress for Shinigami, Ensemble in FarCry4, Batman Dark Knight Returns Part 2.

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Gwendoline grew up singing in church choirs in Singapore, then high school choirs in the USA, then the UCLA Chorale as a Soprano two singing mostly classical music.  She's lent her voices to a few cartoons mentioned above and writes and sings original music on the piano and Chinese Long Zither the "Gu-Zheng." If you want to hear her sing, zither & piano troll her on instagram.